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Lisbon girls photo

Lisbon is the westernmost town in Europe and the largest Western capital and the only one along the Atlantic coast.

Lisbon beautiful girls photo

Lisbon is one of the few cities in Western Europe have a sea view and use of water as an element that defines the city. Lisbon enchants travelers with its white bleached limestone buildings, streets and intimate charm that makes it a popular destination all year round.

Lisbon beautiful girls photo

In the hilltop Bairro Alto, dozens of restaurants and bars along the narrow streets, with jazz, reggae, electronica and fado filling the air and party revelers until dawn. Clubs throughout the city make use of the fine old rooms, or on the quay along the river or hide in the 18th-century mansions.

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Lisbon beautiful girls photo

Lisbon also some remarkable museums of ancient and modern art hosts, some of which are Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art, National Coach Museum, Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Carmo Archaeological Museum.

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